Every successful adoption starts with a great home study. 

There is undoubtedly no question that from the time you open your home to Amy and her agency, Connecting Hearts Adoption, she is there to support you. Amy is efficient, a wealth of information and readily available. She provided information to us regarding the adoption process that I would not even think to ask! She has always been available to answer any of my questions in moments of doubt or panic or excitement. My husband and I feel very fortunate that Connecting Hearts was recommended to us. Amy made what can be perceived as the most difficult part of adoption process, the easiest!
— Danny & Patty, Lithia, Florida
Connecting Hearts Adoption Agency Florida

Cheryl Payne, Esq., Quarles & Brady, LLP

Whenever a prospective adopting family informs me that Connecting Hearts conducted their home study, I am confident that not only will the home study meet all requirements of the law, but the family is in the best of hands, both personally and professionally.
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Connecting Hearts made our home study process SO simple. Preparing our home study documents was easy thanks to very thorough checklists and easy-to-understand forms. We were nervous, like anyone, for our first home visit, but Amy put us at ease immediately. She was cheerful and, more than anything, wanted to make sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed during our initial face-to-face meeting. She’s knowledgeable about every aspect of the adoption process, and her connections ended up being an integral part of matching us with our son – sooner than we ever could have hoped. After our little boy was home, Kristi completed our final handful of home visits, and it felt like having an old friend come over for a chat. Every aspect of our experience with Connecting Hearts was lovely, simple, stress-free, and 100% wonderful.
— Colin & Melanie, Maitland, Florida
Connecting Hearts Adoption Agency Florida

Nicole Witt, Executive Director, The Adoption Consultancy

Amy possesses that rare combination of skills that allows her to be highly professional & knowledgeable while also making her clients feel comfortable and at ease, as if they are in the company of a friend. When I refer a client to Amy, I know that they will not only have a positive experience, but that they will receive an efficient and thorough home study. Amy also makes it a point to stay current on all legal and procedural matters that may impact her clients in any way. I greatly value being able to whole-heartedly recommend Amy’s services to my clients.


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I found Connecting Hearts through the Better Business Bureau. Ethics and high standards were important to me as this was the biggest decision of my life. As a single adopting mom, Amy’s reassurance and no-nonsense attitude was comforting. We made quick work of my home study and four months later I was someone’s mom! Truly amazing. She told me over and over, “You can never predict where your child will come from. It will happen.” Boy, was she right.

I found Connecting Hearts to be professional and yet very personal at the same time. I am proud to say that Amy and Connecting Hearts will always be a part of our family’s story.
— Holly, Apopka, Florida
Connecting Hearts Adoption Agency Florida

Kristin A.F. Yellin, Esq.
Adoption Network Law Center

Amy Imber is a trusted, professional resource for many of our Florida clients, as well as my staff. Amy guides adoptive parents through the home study process with compassion and efficiency. I continually receive feedback from clients, as well as my staff, that Amy goes above and beyond. With Amy, I can always count on a very thorough home study and a very smooth process for our clients, and for that I am thankful.
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Stepping out into the mostly unknown world of adoption was an exciting, though scary, venture for us. We didn’t know how we’d be judged and whether those making their assessment of us would look at us with an open mind and an open heart. All we wanted was for someone to see us for who we are and make the clear objective decision of whether we could provide a loving, healthy, stable and nurturing home for a child in need of a home and a family. Amy Imber and Connecting Hearts Adoption Services did just that. She came to us with an open mind and an open heart, always keeping the best interest of a child in mind, while treating us with consideration, respect and dignity. The people at Connecting Hearts are more than open hearts, they are angels. And, for us, they opened a door for a gift of love and family that touches and renews us every day. Thank you!
— Charles & Keith + Madeline, Miami Beach, Florida
Connecting Hearts Adoption Agency Florida

Jeanne T. Tate, Esq. Heart of Adoptions, Inc.

I am an adoption attorney with almost 30 years of experience in the field and have had occasion to work with many adoption professionals. I recommend Amy Imber as a dedicated and knowledgeable professional who conducts home studies in Florida in a timely and efficient manner. Amy stays abreast of the law as it relates to adoption and home studies, and is well regarded in our field. Both my agency and my law firm have worked with Amy in the past and feel very confident in her work.
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