Adoption Home Study

Preparing for your adoption home study

Preparing for your Florida Adoption Home Study

As you prepare for your Florida adoption home study you want to make sure that you are well aware of what is going to be needed.

Every year people make the mistake of assuming they know what is needed or they listen to others who have gone through the process. As helpful as friendly advice is, you need to know the facts and have everything prepared ahead of time. For example, did you know that you need 5 reference letters including ones from 4-non-family members? You also have to have a pediatrician report for every child in the family and background checks on anyone over the age of 12. Also keep in mind that as you are doing your research you want to make sure that you are looking up information relevant to Florida. Every state has its different tweaks to the rules and you do not want to get them confused. It may seem like a lot but the checklist will help you to get organized and know exactly what you need for the home study.

At Connecting Hearts Adoption Services our goal is to help you get prepared for your adoption home study by showing you exactly what you need.

Too often people make the mistake of skipping steps, either because they don’t know or because they think it’s not needed. There is no such thing as too much information. This is a process and the better prepared for it you are, the smoother it will go. Remember, this is an important step in adopting a child because it provides proof that they are going into a safe and loving home. That’s not something you want anyone to take for granted. So if you are ready to begin checkout our Welcome Instructions/Get Started Checklist so that you are aware of exactly what you will need.

The most important thing we can tell you about the adoption home study based on our years of experience is to just be patient and get everything done as efficiently as possible.

So often, people come into the adoption process thinking they have plenty of time because they’ve been told how slow everything goes. Then they find themselves scrambling to catch up and get everything together because while the wait feels long, the process itself moves faster than expected. Don’t put anything off, get the paperwork done timely, get everything together and feel free to ask us any questions or use our checklist to get started. We are here to make this a happy and stress free experience for you and your family.